Based out of Long Beach, CA


Vocals/Guitar / Matteo Alldayo

Bass / Jamison Roy 

Violin / Agnieszka Borzuchowski

Keyboard/Synth / David Machuca

Drums/Vocals / Shad Stansell

Aux Percussion / Copeland Holt


What is a Kinid?

This is a common question often asked by countless fans and audience members alike when first tapping their feet with cocktail in hand to the Rockin’ Reggae and Americana based beats of Long Beach’s newest upcoming band the Vicious Kinids. The name is fitting, seeing as its origin comes from the alien species Vermicious K’nids mentioned in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory who are known to be show-off performers that simultaneously burn up the Earth’s atmosphere and are only seen by the naked eye as shooting stars. Similarly, the Vicious Kinids are an extremely diverse group of 6 professional musicians who have come together from all parts of the world and are ready to show-off their debut album and skyrocket their way into hearts across America.

The Vicious Kinids follow a long line of successful Long Beach musicians, but what sets them apart is the eclectic cultural backgrounds of each member and the organic way they were brought together. What began as a series of living room music jams on the Long Beach peninsula eventually founded the original members of the Vicious Kinids. From Mexico to Poland to Jamaica to Long Beach, the Vicious Kinids have an exclusive sound that is difficult to define as a singular genre. The addition of the violin to their Americana style blend brings a completely different and almost Country aspect to the traditional root Reggae base fused with the upbeat Rock and Blues element of the melodies.

Their debut album What is a Kinid? was recorded at the infamous Compound Studio in Long Beach and 5 of the tracks were produced by the legendary Grammy Award Winning Ikey Owens of The Mars Volta, Jack White and Long Beach Dub Allstars. Owens and the Vicious Kinids had big plans to promote their debut album together, yet it was the second to last album he ever recorded before tragically passing away at age 39 in October 2014. The final songs were engineered and produced by Compound Studio owner Antoine Arivizu, who engineered Sublime’s debut album 40oz. to Freedom and has engineered acts such as The Dirty Heads, Sublime with Rome at the Compound Studio, as well as Paul McCartney, Richard Carpenter, Faith Hill, etc. during his time at Capitol Studios in Hollywood.

In addition to releasing their debut album What is a Kinid?, the Vicious Kinids have won the Jameson Bartender Ball Band Competition, came in second out of over 100 bands in the Battle of the Bands Vans Warped Tour, and are endorsed by Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum. As ASCAP artists, they have headlined the main stages at the House of Blues, Long Beach Grand Prix, and other prominent Long Beach Independent and Southern California venues, and the opportunities just keep coming! The Vicious Kinids will be launching their first big budget music video “California” on August 13th at Exchange LA on the 2nd largest LED screen on the West Coast as well as getting ready for their first major tour and preparing to record their second album.



Meet the Band!


Matteo Sanchez (Lead Vocals & Guitar) – As the primary songwriter and lyricist of the Vicious Kinids, Matteo’s lifelong goal is to play his music on every continent of the world, including Antartica! He’s been a schoolteacher, chef and bartender by day, but at the end of the day he always comes back to music. Matteo grew up in a family of musicians in Pasadena, CA and started his first band when he was 14. He combines Rock, Country, Reggae and Americana styles with an occasional Rap and his voice eludes soulful Blues overtones, which is present from years of living a true Bohemian lifestyle. Many of the songs on the Vicious Kinids’ debut album What is a Kinid? feature real life experiences Matteo has had on the road and the personal and financial difficulties being a full time musician can encompass. Matteo has toured with bands Rent a Frend, Savagekat, The Trip Sicks and West End Massive and now the Vicious Kinids in 46 of the 50 states so far.

Jamison Roy (Bass) – Jamison was born in Long Beach as a duel Canadian citizen and decided he wanted to be a rock star at age 17. Growing up in the restaurant/bar industry and having no previous musical experience, he immediately moved to Hollywood and enrolled in the Musicians Institute where he studied bass guitar and got his first big break touring nationally with the Industrial band Mankind Is Obsolete. He later joined local Hermosa Beach Reggae-Rock bands Martis Drink and Party in the Fish Tank. Jamison is one of the original founders of the Vicious Kinids and handles the majority of band business including promotion, marketing and booking.

Agnieszka Borzuchowski (Violin) – Agnieszka was born in Warsaw, Poland and has been playing the violin for 19 years. She was incipiently trained in Classical violin and recently received her Master’s Degree in Violin Performance at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music where she held the envied position as Concertmaster. She has been part of the Young Peoples Symphony Youth Orchestra, Berkley Youth Orchestra, Oakland Youth Orchestra and the University Symphony Orchestra at CSU Long Beach. Agnieszka teaches violin to people ages 4-70 and is currently the conductor of the Long Beach Chamber Music Group. She performs professionally with the La Mirada Symphony in addition to focusing on her contemporary violin endeavors with the Vicious Kinids.

David “Chewy” Machuca (Keyboard) – Originally from Jalisco, Mexico, Chewy started out playing the violin and piano at a young age. Yet after relocating to Southern California, he fell in love with Reggae and toured as a featured keyboard artist in the Reggae band Pure Zion throughout Hawaii from 2007-2012. Chewy joined the Vicious Kinids in 2013 and brings a traditional roots Reggae vibe to their Americana foundation.

Shad Stansell (Drums) - Shad was actively involved in the local music scene in Kitsap County, Washington throughout middle school and high school and played in an array of different music groups including Metal, Hardcore, Pop Punk, and Ska. He began his percussion career in elementary school where the instructors recommended he play a woodwind instrument instead. Thankfully his parents were supportive of his loud and expensive choice and continued to encourage him to play drums throughout the rest of his life.  His music career has taken him all over the United States to Canada on self-funded tours. Shad moved from Washington to Long Beach, California in 2012 and met lead singer/guitarist Matteo Sanchez and bass player Jamison Roy and formed Vicious Kinids originally as a three piece. Shad’s dream job is to have his own recording studio one day so he can be his own boss and live a life surrounded by music.

Copeland Holt (Aux Percussion) – Born and raised in Los Angeles to an artist mother and musician father with roots from Jamaica, Copeland started playing percussion in 2002 inside the drum circles of Venice Beach. Copeland spent 2004-2009 as the primary drummer (Djembe, Bongos, Tambourine, Congas) for an influential all-acoustic band, as well as sitting in with many other established recording artists and projects.  In 2007-2008, he met lead singer Matteo in the Arizona desert and formed a strong musical bond.  After a 2 year hiatus, Copeland reconnected with Matteo and helped form Long Beach’s Vicious Kinids. Copeland’s drumming style is based in Hip-Hop, but he has been studying and performing all genres of music from Rock, Folk, Reggae, Latin Rock, Bluegrass to Country for the past 13 years and counting. Copeland is a complete artist by trade, making his living as a painter of original and commissioned work as well.